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Silver and Gold

Advent 2—December 5, 2021

Malachi 3:1-4

Silver and Gold

Thought For Today: Refine us like gold and silver to be offerings to the Lord. Malachi 3:3b (NRSV)

One of our family’s favorite Christmas song is “Silver and Gold” sung by Burl Ives. It’s especially sentimental when we sang it with the lighted tree and presents wrapped in glittering paper. The song is about how much pleasure silver and gold will give us here on earth.

In post-exilic times, Malachi calls the people to be cleansed worthy, ready and willing to be God’s people. When a silversmith is removing impurities from the silver, it’s treated with charcoal preventing oxygen to be absorbed resulting in a shining sheen. When the silversmith can see her face on the metal, the refining process is complete.

When we prepare for Christmas, are we willing to see ourselves clearly as made in the image of God when we let go of all the impurities in our lives? The silver and gold that may give us pleasure here on earth will not refine us to be good and righteous reflecting the divine image in our hearts.

In God’s time, we will be refined in God’s image. God promises that it will be good.

Prayer: Dear God, we like to be care-free and crave for pleasures from the things that we buy. Refine and purify us when we confess of our sins so that we may present ourselves as offerings to you. Amen.

Donald Ng, Sausalito, CA

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