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Don Ng Road Dedication

Don Ng Road Dedication

Harding Theological College

Saturday, Dec. 7, 2019

Almighty God, you created this beautiful world and this place from your own hands to give you praise. As your faithful servants in this community known as Harding Theological College, we pray for your continuing presence among the students, teachers, staff members and others to be good stewards of your amazing resources. May this campus grow and thrive offering countless opportunities for students to develop their gifts into useful skills that would bring productivity into their lives for the benefit of the whole community. As people come onto this college campus and travel on this road as well as all the paths and byways of life that they will know that we are all here to become dedicated to carry out your mission work on earth. And when there is a fork in the road, we ask that you would grant us the courage and faithfulness to take the road less traveled believing that it may very well be the path of obedience and sacrificial discipleship. We offer these prayers in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ who walked on this earth because you love us so much that you gave your only Son for our salvation. In Christ, we pray. Amen.

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