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1 Talent, 3 Strings

This is the “Season of Giving and Receiving.”

Black Friday was giving to stores so that others may receive.

Over the weekend, Black Friday sales continued with up to 75% off!

Yesterday was Cyber Monday when you can still give to stores online so that more on your list can receive.

Today is Giving Tuesday, but starting yesterday on Monday, we were invited to give generously to causes we care about and wish to support.

By now, we are overwhelmed by being asked to give or have spent that we think we should hide or bury what we still have left before we end up with nothing.

Two weeks ago, the lectionary text was Matt. 25:14-30, the Parable of the Talents. We often use this parable to teach about good stewardship. Be like the servant with 5 or 2 talents and increase their values. When the master returns, the 5 become 10 and the 2 become 4. But the servant with only the 1 talent buried his and only returns what belong to the master.

After all of the spending and giving, we can often identify with the servant with the 1 talent. We are afraid of having too little. So rather than risk in life, we hold back and, in the end, we could have done more.

Itzhak Perlman’s story. Only with 3 strings, Perlman still made beautiful music.

Whether we have only 3 strings or 1 talent, we must not end up with indifference or inactivity, leaving that treasure buried, rather than taking the trouble to dig it up and enjoy its abundance with everyone.

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God’s sovereign goodness means that even after our mistakes and shortcomings, God approves.

Prayer. Lord, in this very season of giving and receiving, lead us to not become risk-averse but rather to give the very best of ourselves to help make this world a place of peace, love and hope. We may still feel that we have little to offer, but what we all have is the love of Christ in our lives and for that we have much to share. For the reason for this season is to give praise and thanks for God’s love in the world. In Christ, we pray. Amen. 

Donald Ng


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