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Christmas Day Devotional

Christmas Day—December 25, 2021

John 1:14

Pitching Our Tent

Thought for Today: “The Lord became flesh and lived among us.” John 1:14a (NRSV)

Re-enacting the Christmas story is a way to understand and tell others about the incarnation. When the Word of God who is Christ Jesus became flesh and lived among us, we proclaim God reconciling us back to God. By costuming to be Mary and Joseph, the angels and shepherds and even finding a newborn baby to be Jesus dramatically show that God became flesh on Christmas. We get to experience how God came into the world in Jesus Christ!

The word, “lived” (John 1:14) is translated as “pitched his tent.” God dwelling amid us tells us that as we follow the Christ, we are called to live among all people as Jesus did. On Christmas Day, we remember those in our community who may know hope and love when we care for them by pitching our tents next to their tents.

On this day, may we share God’s love in the world as God has in the world through Jesus Christ!

Prayer: Alleluia dear God, we praise you for Jesus Christ is born! Lead us to share your love and peace in the world as you shared Jesus Christ. Amen.

Donald Ng, Sausalito, CA

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